Athlete of the Year  


Youth Female: Jade McDonald 

Town/City: Long Beach

Age: 15

Sport: Track and Field

Jade has only been competing at Track and Field events for the past 3 years and she has already had many successes in the sport. While competing in the 2016 California State Games, she placed first in both the girls’ 13-14 long jump and triple jump. In 2017, Jade continued her winning streak at the California State Games where she placed first in both the girls’ 15-16 long jump and triple jump. Her triple jump set a new meet record. Jade has qualified for the Junior Olympics all 3 years she has been competing in Track and Field events. Her aspiration is to become an Olympic athlete someday. In addition to her love for sports, Jade maintains a 3.7 GPA and is fluent in Spanish. 


Youth Male: Spivey Word

Town/City: Rancho Cucamonga

Age: 13

Sport: Basketball

Spivey is a member of the highly successful RC Bulls Black U13 Basketball team. Led by Coach Austin, the RC Bulls Black have placed first the past 3 years in a row at the California State Games. After winning gold at the 2017 California State Games, the RC Bulls Black went on to win the West Coast Nationals held in Reno, Nevada. Spivey is a well-rounded player that always motivates and encourages his teammates to be the best they can be. In addition to his love of basketball, Spivey enjoys science and is on his school’s academic honor roll.


Adult Female: Veronica Aguila

Town/City: San Diego

Age: 39

Sport: Weightlifting


Veronica has been involved with weightlifting and powerlifting for many years. She has traveled the world as a member of both Team USA and Team Australia’s weightlifting and powerlifting teams. In 2015, Veronica was awarded the title of AAU World Champion and Best Lifter. She is still the World Record holder for weightlifting 58 kg masters. At the 2017 California State Games, Veronica was awarded the Best Lifter in her division. As a way to spread her love for the sport, she will be moving to Africa to open a CrossFit Training Center and will be teaching weightlifting to the locals. Veronica is a true ambassador of the sport and encourages athletes of all ages to pursue what they love. 


Sport Athletes of the Year

Basketball: Spivey Word & Asia Anderson

Judo: Amaya Ollison (Migoto) & Henry Parasanian (Hayastan)

Rugby: Abbey Savin

Skateboarding: Galen Tindell

Synchronized Swimming: Pessia Fygenson

Track & Field: Jade McDonald & Sanaiya Watkins

Water Polo: Ben Sange

Weightlifting: Veronica Aguila & Sebastian Galvan



Youth Male: Rogilio Moreno – Weightlifting
Youth Female: Corinne Harris – Swimming

Sport Athletes of the Year

Skateboarding: Luke Wosiski Swimming: Corinne Harris

Track & Field: Ryan Thomsen, Shae Anderson, John Terry Ober III, Arielle Mckenzie, Bella Witt, Asia Smith, Ethan George, Kira Boen, Glen Mckenzie Jr., Michael Stine III, Karyna Carballosa

Weightlifting: Rogilio Moreno



Youth Male: Ted Chensheng Li – Table Tennis
Youth Female: Kailah Mckenzie – Track & Field

Sport Athletes of the Year

Badminton: Humberto Aguirre & Adelina Quinones

Judo: Valeria Torrese-Coto & Kristofer Arrey

Table Tennis: Richard Li & Ted Li

Track & Field: Ayden Powers

Water Polo: Reilly Gallagher & Noah Fales



Youth Female: Mayra de Leon – Synchronized Swimming

Sport Athletes of the Year

Badminton: Ali Viettery & Gina Niph

Basketball: Corry Brown & Naomi Noguera

Jr. Lifeguards: Riley Ferguson & Megan Slovatizki

Judo: Isiah Ramerez & Valeria Torres

Rugby: Justin Peterson & Johanna Pasutin

Skateboarding: Brighton Zeuner

Synchronized Swimming: Mayra de Leon

Table Tennis: Sohan Kandadi

Track & Field: Arielle McKenzie & Nicholas Agbede

Water Polo: Clair Alfano & Daniel Dedina

Weightlifting: Greg Bommeroto



Youth Female: Michelle Martinelli – Water Polo

Sport Athletes of the Year

Basketball: Darius Mason Robertson

Bowling: Harley M Sweigart

Judo: Victor Ortiz Rugby: Hannah Gatheraux & Max

Skateboarding: Arianna Carmona

Swimming: Mirsha Lora & Brian Honng

Synchro: Christina Clark

Table Tennis: Samiha Dawalbhakta

Track & Field: Alberto Perez & Lauren Williams

Water Polo: Michelle Martinelli & Jared Hopley

Weightlifting: Lucca Perretti



Youth Male: Sean Lee – Track & Field

Sport Athletes of the Year

Bowling: Brett Hirsch

Judo: Lillian Cifuentes & Austin Krider

Skateboarding: Asher Bradshaw

Synchro: Rachel Rosolowski

Table Tennis: Daryl Sterling Jr.

Track & Field: Laura Panteau & Sean Lee

Water Polo: Summer Broekema & Dalton Trotter

Weightlifting: Anthony Rocco Pomponio


Youth Female: Alexandra Brinkman – Taekwondo

Sport Athletes of the Year

BMX: Ashlynn Wilson & Shayne Lewis

Gymnastics: Phoebe Pummarachai

Jr Lifeguards: Valerie Hull & Duncan Tomlin

Judo: Isaiah Ramirez & Elizabeth Wright

Soccer: Oranje Football Bu19 & Nomads Gu19

Surfing: Levi Gregory & Stephanie Schechter

Synchro: Haley Lane

Table Tennis: Earl Alto & Angel Luo

Taekwondo: Jimmy Cheng & Alexandra Brinkman

Track And Field: Nick Hartle & Laura Panteau

Water Polo: Christian Ogawa & Victoria Anne Frager

Weightlifting: Spencer Moorman & Kenzi Brush

Wrestling: Chase Eskam



Youth Male: Parker Seale – Swimming
Youth Female: Halle Arnold – Synchronized Swimming

Sport Athletes of the Year

Basketball: Dijonai Carrington

Gymnastics: Taylor Baron

Judo: Preston Quam & Ashley Fernando

Rollerskating: Courtney Donovan

Skateboarding: Hayden Clark & Jared Cleland

Surfing: Jason Schechter & Michelle Bautista Layton

Swimming: Parker Seale & Pamela Segura

Synchro: Halle Arnold

Table Tennis: Koji Kido & Brana Vlasic

Team Handball: Kobi Rex

Water Polo: Tori Loomis & Zac Young

Wrestling: Chad Thornock



Youth Male: Kyle Emmerick – Badminton
Youth Female: Chelsey Soler – Synchronized Swimming

Sport Athletes of the Year

Badminton: Kyle Emmerick

Gymnastics: Maddie Willis

Roller Skating: Nicole Leonard & Derek Leonard

Skateboarding: Zane Timpson & Justin Cymbalski

Surfing: Lulu Erkeneff & Anton Van Veen

Swimming: Samantha Torrez & William Koenig

Synchronized Swimming: Chelsey Soler

Taekwondo: Sabrina Chen & Nicholas Altieri

Table Tennis: Haiao-Wei Liu & Earl Alto

Track & Field: Akawkaw (Coco) Ndipagbor & Leon Dillihunt

Water Polo: Sophia Gumina & Ryan Rock

Weightlifting: Aimee Anaya & Victor Davenport

Wrestling Folkstyle: Time Boone

Wrestling Freestyle: Joshua Cortez



Youth Male: Don James Alto – Table Tennis
Youth Female: Monique Van – Track & Field

Sport Athletes of the Year

Baseball: Sam Schneider

Basketball: Keyon Sayles

Goaltimate: Spencer Herrick

Gymnastics: Chantal Angyal

Judo: Aleah LaFrancis & TJ LaFrancis

Skateboarding: Alec Gaie

Surfing: Lindsay Marie Hingst & Davis Daly

Swimming: Sarah Geerdes & Philip Geerdes

Table Tennis: Brana Vlasic & DJ Alto

Track & Field: Monique Van & Tyrelle Adams

Weightlifting: Stavy Suyama & Nghiep Dinh

Wrestling: Anthony Meza



Sport Athletes of the Year

Goaltimate: Jesse Ising & Andrea Ruiz-Lopez

Gymnastics: Rebecca Cage

Swimming: Sarah Geerdes, Ramino Oliveres & Jorge Andrade

Track & Field: Alex Gaston & Ebony Collins

Water Polo: Ashley Stratford

Wrestling: Josh Cortez



Youth Male: David Meyers – Track & Field
Youth Female: Turquoise Thompson – Track & Field

Sport Athletes of the Year

Goaltimate: Marley Herrick

Gymnastics: Austin Higgins

JR Lifeguards: Norman Paraiso & Clare Miller

Swimming: Michaela McLean & Ahiram Rodriguez

Skateboarding: Chris Gregson & Taylor Smith

Synchro: Jessica Levine

Table Tennis: Brana Vlasic & Don “DJ” Alto

Track: David Meyers

Water Polo: Stephen Hobbs & Melanie McBroom

Weightlifting: Leslie Musser



Youth Male: Dax Danns – Track & Field

Sport Athletes of the Year

Basketball: Taylor Sylvester & Jordan Phillips

Goaltimate: Carmen Scoppettuolo

Gymnastics: Julia Greer & Gary Walker

Skateboarding: Josh Stafford & Justin Figueroe

Synchronized Swimming: Rochelle Mattern

Table Tennis: Don James Alto & Brana Vlasic

Track & Field: Dax Danns & Ra’shan Guillory

Water Polo: Jillian Christian

Weightlifting: Sage Burgener & Josh Coleman

Wrestling: Joey Davis & Corey Dodd



Youth Male: Jensen Hassett – Surfing
Youth Female: Leslie Musser – Weightlifting

Sport Athletes of the Year

Goaltimate: Lisa Daenzer & Cole Williamson

Gymnastics: Tristen Mora

Jr. Lifeguards: Caitlin Barbour

Judo: Charles Neuendorf & Ronda Rousen

Inline Hockey: Richard Gaora

Surfing: Jensen Hassett & Erin Lewis

Swimming: Rachel Lutz & Thomas Hodgson

Synchronized Swimming: Paige Ramsey

Track & Field: D’Marcus Penn

Water Polo: Rodrigo Ferreira Braga & Sophia Rios

Weightlifting: Leslie Musser & Nghiep Dinh

Wrestling: Marco Norrega & Chris Torres



Youth Male: Casey Burgener – Weightlifting
Youth Female: Kaily McGrath – Field Hockey